Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Farewell to Fred Thompson: The Last, Best Hope for America

I had the honor of meeting former Senator Fred Thompson in person earlier today. He spoke to the National HQ staff for about 5 minutes, thanking them and telling them that it was a good experience for all involved. He said he might have done better if he'd done it the way the media and others wanted him to, but that it wouldn't have been being true to himself and his beliefs, so he didn't. I tell you what, he would have made a great President- totally unwavering and committed to his convictions. My friend Matt had Sen. Thompson sign his copy of "Government on the Brink" and Fred flipped through it and said "unfortunately it's still very relevant today." I sensed that he was somewhat discouraged that Washington didn't respond to his conservative ideas then, and now the nation rejected them (and him) again. I'm afraid he's very deeply concerned about the future of conservatism. Did you hear that after Fred dropped out, Rush said he may not support the eventual GOP nominee? Fred was drafted into the race because conservatives couldn't support any of the other candidates, but they didn't support him enough to avoid major compromise with a Romney/McCain/Giuliani/Huckabee nominee. I don't really like any of the remaining GOP candidates- each has strengths, but also many weaknesses. I'm backing Romney now, but probably won't give him any money or time. There is so much work to be done if we are to save our nation from total rejection of sound policies. Please join me in praying for the future of our nation.

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